Do You Need Our Blind Installation Services?

Have custom blinds created for your Roanoke or Keller, TX home

When you're searching for the perfect window coverings, you encounter a lot of options. To make sure you're getting exactly what you want, call Hofer Blinds right away to speak with our team about custom blinds.

Why get custom blinds?

  • Size. The blinds fit perfectly in your windows.
  • Color. You can choose a color that matches your room.
  • Less waste. Since the custom blinds are made-to-order, there are no scraps from cutting them down to size.
  • Craftsmanship. Custom blinds are hand-crafted by our professionals in Roanoke & Keller, TX.
Our crew provides custom blinds installation services to homeowners in Roanoke & Keller, TX and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area.

Should your blinds match your trim?

Should your blinds match your trim?

You've chosen the perfect blinds to fit for space. Now, you have to pick out the perfect color from a myriad of options.

If you want your blinds to be a focal point of the room, pick a contrasting color to paint the blinds. If you prefer blinds that fade into the background, choose a color that matches the rest of your trim in the room.

The blinds installation experts at Hofer Blinds can guide you through the decision. Call us today to consult with our professionals based in Roanoke & Keller, TX.